For Valentine's, What's Better than Candy, Chocolates or Flowers?

You’re not just anyone. And you’ve known that forever. Why settle for flowers and candy? Try out some non-cannabis infused happy tea and massage oil this February instead. And get a cannabis accessory to boot!

Order our newly launched February Box and get 14g of Lola Herba’s Happy Heart Herbal Tea and Sexy Times massage Oil (50 ml). Available all year round because love doesn’t get just one day.

Our Feb box features these Lola Herba's signature products.

For one, Sexy Times Massage Oil. It helps you get it on with your partner. Or get it on with yourself. Oh yeah, it’s that good. The seducing blend of Cedar, Ylang ylang, Balsam fir and Jasmine essential oils, all in a Sweet Almond oil base, will leave you utterly well-loved. The woodsy and floral aromas soothe achy bodies and achy hearts. Working on an energetic level, this message oil helps you create more heart space for yourself and others. Ylang ylang and jasmine, both renowned aphrodisiacs, allow for guilt-free pleasures. You will feel that afterglow in all its glorious forms. Rub it lovingly on your lower stomach and back to help liberate sexual energies. Hey, apply it where it feels right. ***External use only. Do not use as lube or near/on genitals. 50 ml.

Another featured product in our box is the delicious Happy Heart Herbal Tea, a Lola Herba’s signature blend. It’s a beautiful and harmonious mix of rose petals, milky oats and holy basil. It is especially concocted to make your heart sing and enhance inner peace. This herbal tea beats out anxiety. It relaxes you throughout the day by soothing all matters of the heart. It’ll give you exactly what you need when you need it. So sip a cup of Happy Heart in bed to spice things up or get mellow and succumb to a nice restful sleep. ***Not intended for smoking 14g.

Fumée Galante supports local businesses who care as much for others then themselves, isn't that what VDay is all about?


Sexy Times Massage Oil:

"Feels like wellness". "Feels different than other massage oils". "Massaging the lower stomach and the smell of this oil is therapeutic". "Can we try my feet?"

Happy Heart Tea:

"Would drink this all day". "Provides inner warmth and calm". "Had mine for bath time, that's all I am saying..."

Herbal Heart TeaHappy Heart TeaMassage OilSexy Times Massage Oil


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