Toronto's Weed Scene, from a Montrealer's POV

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A friend of mine recently went to purchase a couple of pre-rolls in one of Quebec's SQDC to test the merchandise. It was her first visit. As she was finalizing her transaction, the ill-advised attendant told her not to make a habit of it. What? A habit?

When I go to the SAQ to buy my chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio, no one ever dares tell me to "not make a habit of it." This and the questionable October 2018 roll out, made me want to check out the scene elsewhere to compare. So I headed to Toronto.

It's worth saying the Ontario government has more of an open approach with differing dispensaries as opposed to one monolithic government seller with outlets throughout the province.    

Day 1: I had a wonderful meeting with @cheebah_ at CAFE. First off, everyone in Toronto should try their chai lattes. Mine was divine! But everyone knows that lattes are not what this place is known for. Its friendly service and out of this world selection of cannabis and cannabis products are where it's at for this lady. Quite frankly, this cannabis buying experience was quite out of the ordinary. I purchased a little CBD toffee to add to my morning coffee and yummy Mary’s Sativa Bunnies. No one told me "better be careful with that" or "don't make a habit of it."

Day 2: The following day, I spent walking around and visiting cannabis accessories shops. The Toronto Hemp Company, Friendly Stranger and The Good Grass (Hotbox Lounges' Danforth store) are some of the places I had time to hit. There are so many more, but I ran out of time. All had their charm. But what they all had in common was the freedom to display their wonderful products to their customers. The Good Grass’ glass pipes were all out in the open and beautifully displayed. The lovely woman that served us said it so well “why hide this glass artwork?”

Day 3: I had a wonderful home cooked infused meal with the ladies at Elevated Culture Toronto. They were so gracious to invite me. And how cool to share an evening with other women in this space! They are having another High Tea event this coming February 17th. Get more information on their Instagram account.

Day 4: Finally, I attended Van der Pop's Women & Weed event. It was wonderfully organized. The panels were all interesting and informative. Cannais & Sex with Dr. Carlen Costa was candid and refreshing. The food, nail bar and of the mimosas were sick! Would love to be part of bringing this event to Mtl!

I ended day 4 back at CAFE to purchase Lemon Haze, EU4IA's Shatter Bars (Purple Kush chocolate bars) and C.C muscle and arthritic cream for my father. This was a great way to end my visit in Toronto.  

I love Montreal, but on the cannabis front, I think Toronto has an edge. Why can't I sell my handmade products in Quebec? Why can't I organize an elevated yoga evening? When I walk into Quebec's premiere smoking accessories shops, almost all their products are hidden from view, sitting behind magic glass? It is odd that this beautiful city, known for it's openness and energy, is so closed to cannabis. I hope that for now this is just the growing pains (pun intended of course) of legalization...

Stay tuned for a blog on the recent print ad and video campaign from our new Conservative Government.


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  • You can’t do these things in Toronto either… well not legally… lol


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