Nothing Chill About Starting a Cannabis Startup


Last May, I decided to throw myself into a new venture, selling high-end cannabis accessories for women. At that time, I could obviously count on my friends and family for support and they have been great. But what I wasn't expecting is the inclusive and cooperative vibe from other entrepreneurs in this space. Generous and kind, all the people I met along the way are all in it for one reason:  to make this plant's benefits, in ALL its forms, known to as many people as they can. Spreading the word and love!

This is my second company, so I know there is nothing "chill" about starting a business. It takes dedication, motivation and so much hard work. It takes patience, and even if you cannot work any longer, you have to push further. Add the difficulties of finding a bank that will work in this space, getting a merchant account, navigating the provincial, federal and international laws. Laws on signage and packaging. Online sales. Online marketing. What you can say and what you can't. Every day is a new challenge.

But when you love what you do and who you do it with, it's chill!

In the next few weeks, I will be adding some very special new products, all handcrafted by equally special artists.

A special thanks goes out to a few men in my life that really stand out when it comes to helping me: my husband, my son, my friends Ryan and Bernard and my Dad. Love you guys!


Picture by Marion Michele 

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