Opioid Crisis - Sharing the Positive About Cannabis



We know the alarming statistics when it comes to the opioid crisis. We also know the crisis is generated by big pharma companies. There’s no amount of outraged head shaking that can change that... for now.

In the meantime, it gets personal for some of us. A loved one of mine has been battling oxycontin addiction for years. Before oxycontin, he was on another narcotic pain reliever, dilaudid. All in all, he has been unproductive for more than a decade, holed up in his home with the blinds down, sleeping intermittently, two hours here, one hour there, barely coming out or making contact with friends and family let alone seeing the sun.

His dosage has been increasing for years. Go doctors! Yet his suffering has remained incredibly steady. Suffice it to say he is not getting any better.

Of course, the medication was first prescribed for pain. He underwent multiple surgeries. The drug, he says, helps him manage overwhelming pain. But the pain killer has caused him to disappear from his own life, if not altogether destroy it. He has increasingly become depressive and suicidal.   

Following a recent suicide attempt of his, I started noticing Instagram posts that embrace overcoming pain and suffering through cannabis use. They are all similar in scope and testimony. They all stem from a place of vulnerability that end in beautiful empowerment. What struck me most was the sheer candor of the testimonies. Alexis Rosenbaum’s post about her sister, @rosebudcbd, is one of many examples that stands out. Please see her IG.

Talking about this is important. Sharing experiences and most of all success stories is vital.

How do sufferers go from straight-to-hell addiction to recovery? From helplessness to constructive living? Big questions, I know. What do the first steps look like? What will make a difference? Tip things from bad to good? 

Is cannabis the answer?  Sharing positive experiences about cannabis is a great start. Anything is worth discussing when it saves lives. 

As for my loved one, he shakes his head with outrage at big pharma too. I think he’s entitled to. As for starting over, there’s always time. Because the alternative is too grim.

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