For the Holidays, Will You Go for Weed or Alcohol?


For the Holidays, Will You Go for Weed or Alcohol?

Since legalization, it’s increasingly less taboo to switch the routine glass of wine or pint of craft beer to a vape, toke or an edible.

At the office 5 à 7 (Happy Hour), a lot of women I know are switching their chardonnay for a toke. Why?

Well for one, ZERO CALORIES! And NO HANGOVERS. It naturally makes everyone vibey and laid back if not altogether more connected.

Personally, I like to consume both when I socialize. They are complementary as a kiss and mistletoe. All in moderation of course. But sometimes a good girl wants to be bad. That of course depends on who I’m with. But I really love that girl in my head when I’m high. She talks me up. She surfaces under the influence of both a little apérol spritz and sativa!

After one of those nights, I usually sleep in or laze back for a grâce matinée. But still. After having combined the ganji and the cocktails throughout the evening, I may have a low-grade hangover, but it’s nothing a bit of wake and bake can’t fix. It’s perfect for the boxing-day family skate in the park (if I’m lucky the sun is shining bright, and there’s a light breeze across the rink). I feel my breath, my whole body and my toes squished in those tight rental skates. Then my muscles relax, my toes aren’t so sore, I see my breath and I let myself glide on the ice with my loved ones.

For the Holiday Season, choose wisely. Choose what’s right for you. In my case, a good party always has both. Do everything in moderation! After that, go for a slide. Go for a skate! Or not... Stay in bed. Stay warm. And give yourself the gift of love.


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