Will You Serve Cannabis-Infused Dishes at Christmas?











If you have decided that this year you'll be serving infused dishes at your Holiday Feast please tell your guests.  This will please not only the epicureans in the room, but also those who want to try something different this year.

These recipes require you cook with a fat that has been infused with cannabis, either your homemade Canna Butter, cannabis infused olive oil like this one from Pot d'Huile (again you make your own infused oil) or an infused beverage like La Grandeur's cranberry beverage to add to party cocktails!

Here are 3 we have tried and love!

1 - Sous Weed and La Grandeur's Smokin’ Cranberry Vanilla Mocktail

picture: @vivalagrandeur


2 - Pot d'Huile Shrimp Pasta

Ingredients: pasta ( I use angel hair), shrimp, lemon juice and zest, salt and a drizzle of Pot d'Huile olive oil to finish it all off.

picture: @juliannavezza


3 - The Cannabist's Pecanna Butter Pie - for the pie lovers out there, nothing beats a pecan pie. Roasting your pecans before baking is essential in my book.

picture: Bruce Wolf, The Cannabist

We don't recommend infusing ALL your dishes and we highly suggest you read this article from Leafly if you are new to edibles. It explains what to expect when serving and eating THC infused recipes.

Consume responsibly and have a safe and chill Holiday Season 

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