Cannabis Amnesty's Annamaria Enenajor Among Refinery 29's 29 Powerhouses: The Canadian Women Killing It in 2018

         Picture by Reynard Li

In case you haven't heard of her yet, let me introduce Toronto lawyer Annamaria Enenajor, founder of Cannabis Amnesty.

The McGill graduate knew she wanted to practice criminal law early on. At the NY firm Ropes & Gray, she took on Rikers Island prison over its excessive violence toward inmates. Not one to shy away from causes she holds dear, and after working to bring justice to the mentally ill and racialized communities, she decided to take on the half million Canadian records of simple cannabis possession convictions. For her, justice would be complete erasure or "expungement". Current policy states that even if your charges are "suspended" they remain on your permanent record affecting everything from job search, border crossings and custody hearings. Let's hope she gets justice for that!

She is, of course, in good company according to Refinery 29 - Canada's Powerhouses, which include environmentalist Autumn Peltier who at 12 years old became a beacon of hope for Canada's waterways. On the list is also record producer WondaGurl who produced for the likes of JayZ, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Drake, to name a few.  All that while still under 21. There's also LGBTQ hockey playeJessica Platt, the first openly trans woman to play in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. 

I encourage you to read up on all 29 of them. They are making a difference through poetry, literature, politics and journalism. Tough acts to follow to be sure, but inspirational nonetheless. Here's to making a difference in our own personal journeys!


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